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Revolutionizing the Development of Spatial Applications

SpatialStream™, from Digital Map Products, is a SaaS geospatial platform that offers a new and better means to develop robust spatial applications on top of common mapping platforms. SpatialStream™ was designed to offer access to sophisticated, yet easy-to-use spatial technology and spatial data sets to facilitate the rapid development of embedded GIS and consumer mapping applications.

The collection of APIs and web services that comprise the SpatialStream™ platform make it an easy, cost effective way to implement spatial technology without needing to be a GIS expert.

A New Approach to Spatial Enablement

SpatialStream™ offers a comprehensive set of spatial technology and spatial data sets for the advanced spatial enablement of mapping applications. Using SpatialStream™ to develop and enhance your spatial application has numerous benefits:

  • With minimal time and GIS expertise, developers can spatially enable their internal and
    external applications
  • Gain ready access to the latest advanced spatial technology, now and in the future
  • Comprehensive spatial technology and data offerings equate to fewer solutions and vendors to integrate and maintain
  • All SpatialStream™ solutions are designed for high performance over the web
  • SaaS model means no upfront capital expenditures or unpredictable costs
  • Exponentially cut your time to market: spatially enable your application in days, not months or years

The SpatialStream™ platform is focused around four key functional areas: Load, Edit, Analyze, and Visualize.

  • Loading spatial data and spatially enabling tabular data is a first step in developing a
    spatial application
  • Editing spatial and tabular data from a map interface and creating new spatial data is an in-demand capability of today's spatial applications
  • Analyzing and enhancing your spatial data through the combination of Business Intelligence and Geospatial Techniques is the latest trend for data rich applications
  • Visualizing spatial data with robust query display, symbology and thematic mapping capability is a must for working with large data sets and enabling decision making

Click here to learn more about the wide array of spatial features available through SpatialStream™ and acquaint yourself with a new way to develop and maintain spatial applications.

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