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Discover the Value of Parcel Boundaries


As consumers and businesses become more familiar with mapping applications and location-based products, they are demanding their maps include more precise and sophisticated data sets, including parcel boundaries.

What are parcel boundaries?
Parcel boundaries are the precise GIS coordinates of a piece of property. Overlaid on top of a satellite or aerial image, they show a mapped image of the exact boundaries of a lot. They allow a potential real estate buyer to "walk" the boundaries of a piece of property from an online map, seeing its proximity to streets and highways, distance from neighboring homes, and access to green space, streams and wooded areas.

Parcel boundaries do more than just provide a "bird's eye view" of a piece of property. Once the GIS coordinates of a property are loaded into a map-based platform, they can be combined with additional data sets like school districts, neighborhood demographics and other property information. Governments use parcel data to assess service areas, make predictions and respond to disasters.

What do parcel boundaries say about the future of spatial technology?
At Digital Map Products, we see again and again that once our clients begin to use spatial technology and grasp its power, they want more of it. Our real estate and government clients are some of the most forward-thinking users of mapping technology today, and they are increasingly asking for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products that will let them move and respond quickly in a competitive market. Our customers are also asking for cloud computing applications that will allow everyone in their enterprise to access sophisticated spatial tools without a huge learning curve or major outlay of expense for software.

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