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SpatialStream Content Library

Data is a key component to any location-based application. But acquiring good data and then implementing and maintaining it is easier said than done. The SpatialStream Content Library aims to remove data acquisition, integration, and maintenance obstacles for geo-developers by providing access to premium data sets through the SpatialStream platform. Integrate national geospatial data sets such as parcel, neighborhood, and municipal boundaries in mere minutes and with minimal code.

ParcelStream Customers: Regional Multiple Listing Service
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A hallmark of the SpatialStream Content Library web services is that they bundle access to premium location data with the spatial functionality required to display and interact with it. You can not only display premium data in your application, but you can also leverage it for searches, trend mapping, and linking to other data sets. Plus, all SpatialStream data offerings are updated regularly, optimized for high performance over the web, and sourced from leading providers.

Content Library Data Solutions

Nationwide Parcel Boundary Data Solution
ParcelStream is a nationwide parcel boundary solution that bundles access to over 132 million nationwide parcel boundaries with mapping display technologies. Display parcel boundaries in 7 lines of code! Learn More >>
Neighborhood Boundary Data Solution
Access nationwide neighborhood boundary data from industry leader Maponics. SpatialStream web services let you display neighborhoods and construct spatial queries, create local trend maps, and aggregate your data to the neighborhood level. Learn More >>
Nationwide Administrative Boundary Data Solution
Add postal code, city, county, and state boundary layers to your mapping application with ease with SpatialStream Administrative Boundaries. Optimized for rapid display, municipal boundaries can be used for map-based interactivity, summarizing data, and creating thematic maps. Learn More >>
Nationwide Census Boundary Data Solution
Census tract, block group, and block data are ideal for spatially enabling and analyzing demographic data. SpatialStream makes it easy to tie demographic or custom data to census boundaries and create meaningful map displays. Learn More >>
Parcel Level Geocoding Solution
The parcel is the ultimate source of a property’s location and its physical characteristics. As such parcel level geocoding is fast becoming the standard for location accuracy across a wide variety of industries. Ensure your location applications have the most accurate location possible with SpatialStream parcel level geocoding solutions.
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Flood Data Solution
Given flooding is the #1 natural disaster we face today it is important to consider flood risk in property decisions. Flood data is a foundation data set for property analytics and spatial modeling. Easily integrate SpatialStream flood data into your map application or GIS system in mere minutes.
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Points of Interest Data solution
Points of Interest (POI) data is a critical component to completing the location picture. SpatialStream POI data provides you with access to nationwide information to help take your mapping application to the next level of local knowledge.
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School Data Solution
Having access to accurate and detailed school data such as school districts, attendance zones, school locations, demographics, and more is highly demanded for today’s location decisions and property related mapping. Incorporate this valuable data set with SpatialStream.
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Demographic Data
Demographic data lends significant insights into lifestyle factors and business viability of an area and is a must-have data set for any mapping application or location based analysis. Whether included in a report, displayed on a map, or used as search criteria, demographics form the foundation for local information.
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